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Monday, January 7, 2013

Killer books from Murder on the Beach

Killer Books from Murder on the Beach

The Evolution of Mara Dyer
By Michelle Hodkin
Reviewed by Emily Gibbs

In this gripping young adult physiological thriller that is the
sequel to The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, Mara awakens from sleep to find
herself in a psychiatric ward unit in Miami where she has been
involuntarily committed. Mara is still trying to figure out what
happened on the night that her friends and abusive ex-boyfriend Jude
were all mysteriously killed in a freak accident that only Mara escaped.

She is being haunted and stalked by Jude who is alive,
although no one else believes her except for her sexy and intuitive
boyfriend Noah. It appears to Mara's caring family that she is trying to
harm herself and is hallucinating, but it is all very real for Mara and
not a hallucination. Jude IS alive and he blames Mara for the death of
his sister, who died in the accident. He wants Mara to pay.

There are so many things I want to share about this book, but
there are so many surprises that I honestly hate to give anything away.
There is also a historical element that relates to Mara's grandmother
and ancestors.This book is smart, haunting, and there is a twist at the
end that was so shocking that I closed this book in awe of Hodkin's
story telling.

Hodkins is a Miami native and she does a beautiful job in
this series taking you to places that make Miami Miami. Adults who may
not ordinarily read a YA book would enjoy this unique, imaginative, and
chilling series. I've never read anything quite like it.Simon & Schuster


By Stuart Neville
Reviewed by Sue Wilder

A foreign national is found murdered in Dublin in 1963. A note, found
next to the body, is addressed to Colonel Otto Skorzeny and says "we are
coming for you." Skorzeny was a high ranking Nazi and one of Hitler's
most decorated and feared commandos. He was granted asylum and is part
of a network of former Nazi German nationals living in Ireland.

Minister of Justice Charles Haughey requests that Lt. Albert
Ryan of the Intelligence Department investigate the murder. Ryan
discovers that this is the third murder of an ex-Nazi. US President John
Kennedy is scheduled to visit Ireland and the powers that be want to
avoid any public revelations of providing refuge for the Nazis post WW II.

Ryan struggles with having to stop the murders of the very
enemy that he fought against during the War while fulfilling his duty to
Ireland. This conflict also permeates the top echelons of Ireland's
government, threatening to reveal the dirty deals of the past and the
continuing coverups of the present.

Mr. Neville delivers a fast paced, well-written thriller. The
historical background is fascinating, the conspiracy is authentic and
the political maneuvering is riveting. Well drawn characters and superb
dialog make for a compelling read.

Mr. Neville's terrific debut, Ghosts of Belfast, was short
listed for many "best first" awards in 2010. Collusion and Stolen Souls
rounded out his Belfast trilogy, a treat for all noir readers. Ratlines
is of the same high caliber.

Although Ratlines is one of the first thrillers to be
published in 2013, it's already a pretty good guess that it will appear
on this year's "best" lists. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Ratlines SoHo 26.95


What We Saw at Night
By Jacqueline Mitchard
Reviewed by Stacey Schwartz

Fiction authors are increasingly writing young adult mysteries which
are attracting readers from their adult audience as well. Jacqueline
Mitchard has crafted an intriguing tale in What We Saw at Night, a young
adult story.

Sixteen year old Allie Kim and her two friends suffer from a
life-threatening disease called Xeroderma Pigmentosum. They must avoid
the sun. All activities are done when the sun goes down.

The three friends participate in the dangerous sport of Parkour.
They find themselves scaling and leaping off a tall apartment building.
Allie glimpses at what appears to be a murder in one of the apartments.
She then takes it upon herself to investigate. What she uncovers may
change everything about the people she thinks she knows best.

What We Saw At Night is a good read for both adults and young
adults. It is captivating and had me feeling like I was leaping in the
night air from balcony to balcony along with Allie and her friends. I
lived Allie's life while enduring the joy and pain of friendships, first
loves, and dark secrets. This adult reader recommends What We Saw at
Night for mystery lovers of all ages.


Happy New Year!

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