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Thursday, April 5, 2012

From Murder on the Beach:

The Professionals
By Owen Laukkanen
Reviewed by Sue Wilder

Four friends who recently graduated college and are
not able to find jobs decide to become professional kidnappers. They are
ingenious in that they kidnap prominent businessmen and demand
relatively modest ransoms which are easily paid. They release their
victims unharmed and move on to another town.
Nobody pursues them since the kidnappings are not reported,
until a kidnapping in Michigan. Their victim is connected to the Mob.
The action escalates as the gang is chased by the Mob, local law
enforcement and the FBI. Despite the danger, the gang hangs in, intent
on "earning" enough to "retire" from the business.
Mr. Laukkanen has created a strong cast of characters, each
driven by very distinct goals. The risk factor continues to rise as the
gang is pursued cross country. Despite the danger, the four friends,
like gamblers, think they can make their luck hold out just a little bit
The reader is swept along for the ride. The Professionals is
a well written thriller with a high level of tension. The ending is a
real AHA!
Fans of Thomas Perry, Marcus Sakey and Robert Crais will
welcome this first novel from Mr. Laukkanen and hope that the next one
is not far behind. Highly recommended. Putnam, 25.95

Boca Daze
By Steven M. Forman
Reviewed by Stephanie Saxon Levine

Although this is the third in Steven M. Forman's series featuring P.I.
Eddie Perlmutter, aka The Boca Knight, it is the first one this reader
has read. And what a delightful way to begin! Boca Daze starts off at a
lightening pace, and carried this reader along racing through the pages
in great suspense.
Eddie, an ex-Boston cop who came to Boca Raton looking for a
peaceful retirement, found life in South Florida anything but placid. As
a result of his heroic deeds in the first book, a newspaper gave him the
title "Boca Knight," which he used, after adding an "s," as the name of
his detective agency. Eddie is well-known by his honorific to many South
Now, in book three, a criminal from his days in Boston asks him
for a favor, a bag lady's mumblings lead to murder, and a simple
investigation brings Eddie and his partner close to death. How's that
for peace and quiet in paradise?
Forman captures the essence of Boca Raton and its environs
--at least from this nine-year transplant's point of view -- showing the
seamy side as well as the glamour. As good as Forman is at capturing the
setting, he's even better at creating believable characters and serving
up a fast-paced and suspenseful plot.
All this comes together with humor added in good measure,
making Boca Daze a thoroughly enjoyable read. It isn't necessary to
have read the earlier books to follow the story, but, this reader, for
one, plans to do so. Forge 1st Edition, signed: 25.99


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