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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Affair, by Lee Child

Reviewed by JB for Seattle Mystery Bookshop, www.SeattleMystery.com
ISBN-13: 9780385344326
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Delacorte Press, 9/2011
After a couple of books with what I thought had major problems, Lee Child is back in form for The Affair (signed copies available). Perhaps it is due to this being a prequel, that is, in a way, a smaller story, a narrower focus, more of a whodunnit. Hard to say.
But this story takes us back to Reacher's final case as a military investigator, back in the Spring of '97. There's been a murder outside a 'secret' military base and he's sent to get into this small Mississippi town to look for information – a back-up investigator to the one sent into the base itself. From the start, things don't add up and Reacher forms an alliance with the police chief, herself a former Marine, to search for answers.
As with the best of the Reacher books, about every other chapter there's a major plot twist. I would continually think I knew what was coming but I was invariably wrong. It was wonderful, the best kind of entertainment. Is the murder related to someone on the base or a local? Reacher is warned going in that there are heavy politics involved so he needs to tread lightly but get answers. Can't really give you more – that'd ruin the chain of surprises.
Delightful too were the links he laid in that point to the actual first book in the series, Killing Floor to the small town in Georgia mentioned by his brother Joe in a postcard. Haven't read that since it came out 14 years ago (actually, I probably read an advanced copy a few months before it was published, so it's been more like 15 years!) and I should sit down and re-read it.

Anyway – Lee Child's The Affair – read it, read it now. It's alottafun!

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